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TSI Travel Seminars Program

The Sanneh Institute (TSI) is excited to announce its new Travel Seminars Program. TSI Travel Seminars welcome small groups of students from universities, churches, or interested organizations to take short term trips throughout Ghana. These seminars support hands-on, experiential learning for any and all who are curious about the intersections of religion and society in Africa.

From the first European building in Africa on the coast to one of the oldest mosques in West Africa in the north, this unique program allows you to experience much of Ghana's cultural and religious history while also engaging with a wide-ranging set of questions around religion, colonialism, the slave trade, the environment, gender, and more.

At The Sanneh Institute, we take our mission seriously and strongly believe that our roots are deep, as is our love of neighbor. We invite you all to learn about Ghana’s cultural roots and gain critical insights about religious history and its intersections with modern Ghanaian life.

TSI is based at the University of Ghana, Legon campus, Accra. We promise to be your supportive hub as you step into the distinct and dynamic energy of life in Ghana. In choosing to join TSI’s Travel Seminars program, you are gearing up for a wonderful dive into immersive interfaith experiences, access to religious spaces, academic institutions, traditional palaces and travel around the country. We are excited for you to join us!

These seminars are open to Ghanaians and the international community and trips can be scheduled at your request! If you are interested in visiting The Sanneh Institute and participating in this learning experience, please learn more by visiting the TSI Travel Seminars Application page.