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“Witchcraft, Religion and Law in Ghana”

Date and Time:

August 18 - August 18 2020
10:00 - 12:00

The Venue:

Virtual Conference Via Zoom

“Witchcraft, Religion and Law in Ghana”

Most recently, Ghanaians were shocked by the depraved lynching of an old woman accused of witchcraft in the Savana Region. The belief in witchcraft however goes back many generations and is deep-rooted and widespread in Ghanaian society. The belief is deeply embedded in African culture and most religious adherents – Muslims, Christian, traditional believers, literates, non-literates, persons from the rural and urban areas all believe in the phenomenon. So called “witches’ camps” exists mostly in the northern part of Ghana, overseen by local chiefs. Sometimes, victims are subjected to brutal beatings and lynching as recently happened in Kafaba, near Salaga, in the East Gonja District. Banished victims, overwhelmingly women, live and die in “witches camps” while many other traumatized victims live within communities, ostracized by their families and stigmatized by society.

The Sanneh Institute is initiating a webinar conversation to examine the belief and practice of witchcraft in Ghana from the cultural, Christian, Islamic and legal perspectives.

Speakers will include Prof. John Azumah, Founding Executive Director of The Sanneh Institute; Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah, Immediate Past Chairman of The Church of Pentecost; Dr. Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, Founding Executive Director of The Ark Foundation and Sheikh Seebaway Muhammed Zakaria, Senior Lecturer at KNUST, Kumasi. The speakers will look at the issue from the specifically northern Ghanaian cultural perspective, what Islam and Christianity teach on witchcraft and what the laws of Ghana have to say about the practice. The webinar is to raise awareness towards a more sustained conversation, education and advocacy for the abolition of the practice in Ghanaian society.

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